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How it is to Raise Abandoned Children?

Agosto 18, 2022

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Anything can happen at any time. Whether you are ready or not, unfortunate events may come to someone at any moment. The most unexpected things often catch us off guard and leave us reeling in shock.

Abandoned kids is a situation that no parent ever wants their kids to go through. However, as morbid as it sounds, it’s a reality for many. Statistically, one out of every 20 children loses their parents before they turn 16.

Unfortunately, this means millions of boys and girls become orphans yearly. If you are now reading this article as a parent or guardian who hasn’t experienced this unfortunate event firsthand, it won’t hurt to read about it.

It's vital to know all the risks and dangers to which orphans are exposed to understand how to help them, either as foster parents or as volunteers, so they can live a dignified life.

What are the difficulties of raising an abandoned child?

A child in this situation faces a lot of challenges in life. Some of these problems can manifest in these ways:

● They might feel isolated, left out of activities at school, and unable to connect with others.

● Some are less able to build trust and empathy between others and themselves.

● There's a very high risk for them of developing anxiety or depression because of their situation and uncertainty about their near future.

● If they are living on the street, there's a high probability they would be exposed to child abuse situations.

● A lot of these kids may even struggle to find supporting networks and mentors who can help them through their lives.

These are just a few problems that an orphan might face. You can do a lot to help kids in foster care.

● You can help them build a strong support network within the foster house.

● It is also very crucial that they can learn all the professional and personal skills they need to succeed in their futures. Quality education is more than essential in this period of their lives.

● If you volunteer in a foster house, you can also help them build a sense of trust, empathy, and other essential skills to integrate into society in the best way.

● Find role models who can adopt a child or be with them as volunteers in the foster house as they grow up. They may not have a parent, but they can have a healthy and happy life accompanied by somebody who cares about them. Be that role model!

What Will Change in These Children's Lives?

Being with these children will probably change a lot of things in their lives. However, that doesn't have to be a bad thing, and it can favor them.

Some of the things that will change in the lives of the children who are received into a foster home are the following:

1. Their living situation. If a child gets left, they will no longer have a home. If they are too young to live alone, they must live with someone else. You can support foster houses by donating resources for infrastructure or food to give these kids a good home.

2. Their situation with education. If you help these kids with resources, tools, and school equipment, they can thrive and be motivated to attend school. It’s important that they can also receive psychological support during this period, especially if it becomes difficult to socialize with other students.

3. Their medical situation. When a minor gets left, he or she loses access to health insurance. Some of these kids can get assistance from the government, but the majority rely on donations, and often they’re not enough.

As you can see, raising an orphaned child can be very harsh and difficult, but it can also be very rewarding in the long run because you will be giving these children a new path in life by not leaving them alone.

If you are adopting or supporting a foster home, you will want to establish a support network of friends and family members willing to help in this process or, also, to collaborate within the institutions. Every hand is more than necessary.

In addition, if you are an adoptive family or want to become one, you can also find adoption agencies online to help you in the process.

At Fundación Esperanza Contigo, we help and supply these children in Tijuana, Baja California, with shelter, a complete elemental education, and powerful learning tools to support them to get the best future!

We’re always needing volunteering and donations to keep us on board! And you can support us anytime.

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