100% of your investment is pro-childhood


Support children and actively involve your team through socially responsible commitments through our program.

Meet Coach Humberto

Lic. Humberto Vázquez, Master in Organizational and Human Development, consultant, and coach for executives and teams.

He is one of the most well renowned trainers in Mexico, working with hundreds of large corporations every year. Coach Humberto donates 100% of his time to lead the CSR workshop for companies willing to support our cause while training their own team.


  • Inform collaborators about the importance of being socially responsible, both at the personal and professional levels.
  • Strengthen positive attitudes, values, and habits within the organization, at any layer.
  • Generate a higher level of commitment among its collaborators, organization, and society.
  • Contribute to the development of skills including empathy, leadership, accountability, social impact, and communication, among others.
  • Create an opportunity to implement coaching processes.


  • CSR concept.
  • The integral dimension of CSR.
  • Principles of CSR.
  • Interest groups, or stakeholders.
  • Positive repercussions of a consistent CSR.
  • CSR and business ethics.
  • CSR in linking the company with the community.
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